Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kathakali: Minukku

I love this postcard from India! Reading and learning more a little bit about the picture, Kathakali is a famous dance-drama in India, famous for their different and elaborate make up styles on different characters, and their very detailed costumes.

Minukku is the character that is shown on the postcard.


The windy city! I've known two people that have gone to Chicago this year and they have nothing to say but great things about this city. I would really love to visit soon.

Bahia, Brasil

Jobson sent this postcard from Bahia, Brasil. Lovely profile picture of the girl, great postcard.

Nga Haka Maori, New Zealand

My first postcard from New Zealand and it is absolutely amazing!

This is what is written on the back of the card:
"Maori culture is an important aspect of contemporary New Zealand. By protecting and developing traditional activities, there is a growing pride in this unique New Zealand identity."

Top left: Poi Dancers
Bottom left: Haka
Right: Wood Carving

The City of Vigan

An UNESCO site from the Philippines, Vigan is a 5th class city. The cobblestone street shown in the postcard can only allow horse drawn carriages to pass through. Here there are souvenir shops, restaurants, and lodging for tourists.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Received via Postcrossing, this is an aerial view of RoÅūmberk Castle in the Czech Republic. Jana mentions that this castle is a very popular tourist site and sits near the Austrian Border.


Very lovely postcard all the way from France. Patrick mentioned that the different pictures around the postcard are of UNESCO sites. Chartres Cathedral, Strasbourg, Chambord Castle, Mount St. Michel, and Versailles Palace.


This is what fall is all about. Ellen writes that Michigan looks like this for the first few weeks off fall, but eventually the leaves fall off and then comes along winter. Thank you Ellen!


Our Colorful Founder

Bryon went to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Nashville and sent me this badass postcard of the man himself "Jasper Newton Daniel" (a.k.a. Jack)

He registered his distillery in 1866, making it the oldest registered distillery in America. I love it!


I received two postcards today from Ruby in Taiwan.

The first card is of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial. Ruby writes that he was the first president after implementing the China constitution. I found this picture of him in Wikipedia:

Here is the postcard of the memorial:

The second postcard Ruby sent to me are of the traditional Taiwanese houses. Very curious, I never would have thought of them to look like this!