Sunday, November 6, 2011


Another first! This postcard is from Moldova, and it shows various views of Tiraspol, including the military parade in the central square of Tiraspol.

Thanks Alla!


Unknown said...

I love Moldova and Moldovan girls. I have lived in Odessa for more than three years, and all of the Moldovan girls I have met have been sweet, nice, kind, thoughtful, caring, and willing to learn, read, and improve themselves.

vaiano777 said...

I agree with lovinginukraine. All of the Moldovan girls I have met have been sweethearts. I would recommend trying to befriend a few. Definitely worth it.

FCpostcrossing said...

Hello Christina,

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I also have loads of cool stamps that I like to cram onto my postcards.

Thank you!

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Unknown said...

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